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Volunteer with Swaminarayanworld.net

Join our group of volunteers worldwide who work on improving swaminarayanworld.net. Experience the bliss of devotional service to Swaminarayan by spreading His glories on the Internet. Volunteer your time, talents, skills and abilities in His service, સેવા seva.

Chances are, you probably have many skills. Please mail us and send your skills list in email.

There is so much we can do together to spread the glories of Swaminarayan on the Internet. So many ways to engage our mind and senses in His service. Don't be discouraged if you don't see a volunteer position below that fits you. Let's find a service you can get excited about doing for Krishna.

Services you can volunteer for


Community Section Moderator

Keep an eye on posts and contributions from visitors in the community section. Delete spammers, nuisance posts, and anything that shouldn't be published in Swaminarayanworld.net's community pages. You can also answer newbie questions and assist those who are using the community section in having an optimal experience there.


Stories and articles need to be written. If communicating ideas in writing is something you're reasonably good at, consider serving on our team of volunteer writers who contribute content to Swaminarayanworld.net. We can give you a list of topics / articles we would like to have written for the site. We're also open to new ideas. Start authoring your own blog and share it with us. If necessary, our editors will work with you to polish your writing and make it suitable for publication on Swaminarayanworld.net.


Carefully read newly published articles on the site (or systematically go through old ones) and help us find spelling and grammar mistakes. Offline proofreder for Gujarati type file to correct the mistakes.


Make others aware about Swaminarayan content on Swaminarayanworld.net in a timely manner. For example, share an article about an upcoming festival with friends on Facebook, send out a tweet on Twitter, or promote it on your personal blog. By promoting content, you're helping to bring new people to Krishna.com, so they can come in touch with Swaminarayan, the source of eternal happiness.

Guide -

In the forums and via email. If you're somewhat familiar with Swaminarayan Sampraday, and you like to answer questions from visitors, this service may be for you.

Live Stream Manager

Each temple live darshan webcam needs regular human interaction to ensure up-time and proper function of the image and sound transmission. Update the link of one or more webcams and check them regularly. If you notice that something is wrong, communicate with on-location volunteers via email and / or phone and fix the issues.

Section Manager

Manage a section of Swaminarayanworld.net. For example, adopt the "videos" section and search the Internet for relevant, informative videos about Swaminarayan sampraday topics to add to our list. Or, adopt the "Sadgranth" section and compile relevant text, PDF, articles, videos, audio material to feature in that section. Make your section as comprehensive and informative as it can possibly be to serve Swaminarayanworld.net visitors.

Page Manager

Adopt a page on Swaminarayanworld.net. Help improve the content, add relevant video, audio, illustrations... make it the best it can be.

Gujarati Type

We are publishing the Swaminarayan Sampraday's literatuer on our site in Gujarati Unicode font. Any one good with gujarati typing in Pramukhpad, google gujarati or Gujarati IME are welcome to send type material form swaminarayan book or you can get the material from us to type.


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